Board Consulting

Proficient, high-calibre non-executive directors are the essential elements of a high-performance board that can successfully navigate increasing levels of uncertainty, ambiguity and risk.

High-functioning boards are successfully running the extra mile. They are representative and diverse, not only in terms of demographic statistics, but in terms of diversity of thought.

The quality and diversity of leadership on the board is the key to meeting and outperforming the organisation’s financial, social and sustainability goals, while adhering to stringent governance requirements.

However, the complexity of the external environment makes it necessary to go beyond résumés, competencies and reputations. Innovation, flexibility, integrity and consistent decision-making under pressure are important qualities for a forward-looking board.

Using a structured board assessment process, Amrop Landelahni helps our clients identify and appoint independent directors who understand the organisational and business context of our clients’ firms. At the same time, we help ensure the board is composed of an appropriate balance of non-executive directors with a range of skills, experience and abilities.
We have placed more than 200 independent non-executive directors and chairpersons in sectors spanning electricity, water, roads, construction, mining and asset management, including companies with listings across multiple jurisdictions (JSE, FTSE, NASDAQ and ASX).

Our track record in black and female board appointments is unsurpassed. Amrop Landelahni’s rigorous board profiling and selection process has resulted in the successful appointments of next generation board members – underpinning board succession planning and continuity while meeting transformation objectives.