Leadership Assessment

Creating a robust leadership pipeline depends on the ability to identify people with the motivation and potential to become future leaders, accelerate the development of these high-potential candidates and prepare them for major change.

Leadership assessment is at the heart of talent management. It is critical for succession planning – to establish the bench strength of leaders in the business at different levels, and to pinpoint the top 20% for further development. It is also useful when a company faces a performance problem and needs to establish competency gaps.

A new CEO can also make use of leadership assessment to assess the type of people, skills and strengths he has on his executive team. A similar process can be followed when assessing talent during a merger or acquisition.

Our rigorous assessment methodology, based on our ‘Path to Excellence’ five-step process, and underpinned by our advisory capability, is the key to the identification of leadership potential.

Using online leadership simulations and psychometrics, we have the capacity to undertake large assessment projects across geographically dispersed offices. This offers a cost-effective option, particularly for identifying emerging leaders. Our future-oriented tools are essential to identify the leadership attributes needed for long-term success.

For more than 15 years, Amrop Landelahni has assessed potential across diverse cultural groups, both in South Africa and across the African continent. We have a track record in working with transforming companies, both in the public and private sectors to identify leadership skills and key competencies.